Financial literacy and creativity course for children is now available online

Program purpose:

It aims to develop children's financial literacy and creative thinking and prepare future Mongolians with a “creative” mindset.Financial education is not limited by a habit of saving. Rather it should be broad to teach how to work smart and multiply your wealth. How to spend your earnings? How many percent of the earnings are supposed to be saved? What is the better way of philanthropy? Our program offers complex knowledge for such questions. A well-known investor, business tycoon and philanthropist Warren Buffet initiated the program and played the main role of this financial animation. We are delivering the program under official license from the owner and over 1000 children attended from Mongolia since 2016.

Course subjects:


Content features:

> 100% online

> The course consists of 26 comic books & cartoons

> Available to download 26 comic books

> Each course has English and Mongolian version

> All course has 500 vocabulary

> Each topic is accompanied by a parent's guide

> It is a 100% online course that you could learn for 3 months everywhere and anytime.


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