Millionaires Club

Our "Millionaires Club" program aims to foster children's creativity and prepare them to become future creators rather than just consumers.

The program provides children with a complete understanding of how to earn money through hard work, spend it properly, save, support and donate to others. We are proud to have the support of world-renowned investor Warren Buffet, who has allowed us to animate his character and voice himself in a short animated film that is shown in class. Since 2016, we have delivered this program to over 2000 Mongolian children, and we are committed to continuing to educate the next generation on the importance of financial literacy.

Our "Millionaires Club" program offers a unique and creative way for children to learn financial literacy. The lessons are taught through animated comics and videos, making learning fun and engaging. The program is available in both Mongolian and English, which allows children to learn a new language while studying financial literacy. Additionally, each lesson provides parents with a guide to support their child's learning journey.

The program consists of the following core lessons to help children understand how to maintain financial stability, savings, and earnings:

  • Location

  • Advertising

  • Planning

  • Savings

  • Research

  • Investing

  • Lending

  • Choice

  • Borrowing

  • Following Your Dreams

  • Partnership

  • Respect

  • Keep Learning

  • Choosing Others

  • Demand

  • Branding

  • The Importance of the Little Things

  • Failing

  • Mentorship

  • Respecting Others’ Thoughts & Ideas

  • Appearance

  • Risk

  • Influence

  • Multi Faceted Perspectives

  • First Impression

  • Protecting Your Reputation