Leading herder child program

Nomads have their own, unique ways of life and wisdom inherited from the ancient ancestors to generation after generation. Unfortunately, such a wonderful tradition, custom and nomadic culture inherited from the ancestors loosening gradually due to modern urban development and urban kids barely understand the urban lifestyle. Since the nomadic lifestyle is definitely the identification of Mongolians, this program is vital for the young generation to get familiar with and know better their cultural heritage. Children in the age of 12-18 are eligible to the program while children spending their summer holiday in fresh air, rural lifestyle at herdsman's household.

Course instructor:


Operating director of Gurun Academy

The program purpose

The goal of this program is to educate urban children about the nomadic and traditional way of life of Mongolia, so they can be able introduce the heritage and uniqueness of a nomadic lifestyle to the world.

The program offers:

1. Get familiar with herders’ lifestyle

2. Learn to make dairy products

3. Learn to build up and decompose Mongol ger and name it’s parts

4. Experience a horse manage process

5. Experience mare milking

6. Learn to handle livestock, forests, rivers, mountains and water properly

7. Meditation and yoga classes

8. Learn and interpret Mongolian household’s life stuffs in English

9. Practice leadership on daily basis

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